A short footrest that does not extend will dig into the back of your ankles or have your legs dangling off its edge. The maximum length that can be achieved by a recliner is an important consideration if you want to determine whether you can relax on it without putting your body in an awkward position. Add to list . Men with heavy weight will benefit from the recliner’s maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds and the sturdy metal frame, and tall men will find the extended back, seat and footrest of 22.5 inches, 20 inches, and 19.5 inches respectively supportive and comfortable. We have spent over a week collating our research and going through customer responses. It will not show excessive wear and tear. The floor to seat height is an important consideration because that will determine whether the user’s back will have full support. The Catnapper Malone, with its extended ottoman, is perfect for big men. MATERIAL & COLOR. This can save you money on frequent replacement. For example, Lifestyle Power Recliner would not be the best recliner for a tall man weighing 350 pounds because it has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. The seat can fit most body sizes and, at a height of 20.5 inches, is high enough to accommodate long legs. The corners are attached firmly, while the designs are match cut. Your email address will not be published. The Lane Home Furnishings Torino has a weight capacity of 500 pounds, which means that the recliner will not suffer from damage easily. Manual recliners are more affordable and easier to maintain in the long run because you do not have to deal with aging electric components. It goes without saying that tall people need recliners that are bigger than regular ones, but even tall people come in various heights just as the recliners designated for them come in an array of sizes. It is also available in various colors which will easily complement your existing décor. You will have enough space to adjust your position till you find one that suits you. This oversized hide-a-chaise recliner allows you to embrace yourself the way you are at all times. 2017 - 2020 WisePick.org. List of 10 Best Recliners for Tall People – 2020 Reviews. It is advisable to buy a recliner with a maximum weight capacity that is higher than yours to factor in any weight that you may gain in future. How to find your recliner: Size. The size dimensions for this tall man’s recliner are 46 H x 48 W x 44 D. READ Living Greener: Ten Tips To Help You Go Green At Home. ReclinerScore is a ranking system developed by our team of experts. Its full length measures 70 inches and it is wide enough for you to move around. Rocker recliners are luxury-comfort chairs that can provide you with soothing motions alongside ergonomic reclining capabilities. $249.99 $ 249. Also, available with USB ports and hidden arm storage, the recliner is a great way to rock at home. More features: zero wall recliner; pull tab reclining. You can get the experience of leather without paying a hefty price tag. It not only has generous proportions and a high back, but it also lifts up quite high. The best Big Man recliners for us big people and tall people. You can get this recliner in black or saddle brown color. The reclining angle determines how flat the chair can recline. The Dual Motor Lift feature allows you to move the back and the ottoman as separate components. Brought to you by Lane Furniture and is proudly made in the USA. If you’re 6’3″ and up, you’ll need a La-Z-Boy Recliner with a wide stance, deep seat, and supportive back. If you suffer from pain and stress in your neck and back, then you should opt for a zero gravity recliner. The recliner does not come fully assembled. 96. Users will also be able to lie flat on the recliner. The Lane Stallion, with its heavy-duty 7-gauge steel reclining mechanism, can also accommodate 500 pounds. This in combination with oversize dimensions of 35 x 40 x 42.5 inches (WDH) results to a recliner that makes you feel like you’re sleeping in a huge comfortable bed. A recliner for tall man needs more than just a length as described above. Only 15 left in stock (more on the way). The seat is also tall enough so that the user can fully lie back without their foot slipping off the recliner. If you are adamant about buying a leather recliner, we recommend you to check out a list of consistent variants. This also helps to boost circulation to the legs and cuts down on swelling. You will luxuriate in the ultra-plush upholstery and the handsomely textured twill. Divano Roma Furniture Recliner Chair, Black. extended footrest recliner. We hope that our list of the best big man recliners aided you in your search. Made with hardwood frames and the steel recliner mechanism, the product is durable and does not show signs of wear and tear. best recliner for tall men. From Petite to Extra Tall, our recliners provide personalized comfort and support based on your height. They offer many reclining positions so that your relaxation is complete. Undoubtedly the best leather recliner for a big and tall man which blends style with functionality, this model will take you to nirvana while its thick poly-fibered upholstery with a faux-leather look provides you with a comfortable and smooth seating surface while giving the seat a premium look. Next, we assessed the seat for comfort and spaciousness, and the weight and overall dimensions of the recliner for portability and storage purposes. The soft seat you noticed a bit earlier is basically a metal reinforced one backed with a corner-blocked frame. Featuring five massage modes with two adjustable intensity levels and a heating mechanism as well as an option to select an individual part of the body or the whole body to massage, it takes comfort and pampering to the next level. The seat is also incredibly long, which makes it a good recliner chair for tall man. You can use this chair for various purposes, including sleeping and catching up on your favorite show, among others. The back cushions are quite comfortable while the rolled arms will assure unmatched comfort. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. Lane Home Furnishings is an experienced company, and they are known for manufacturing premium items that meet the requirements of the users. The big man recliner features an extra-long footrest and 19.5 inches in height. It also includes an FAQ section and a summary of our best three recliner models. Catnapper Magnum Recliner Chair in Mossy Oak Camo. The design of the recliner is very chic and modern, and you will love displaying it in the middle of your drawing room. They make a forward motion so that the user can stand on their feet, easily transitioning from the sitting position. 350 LB. Fortunately, practically all of the models featured in our list can accommodate weight of up to 300 pounds without breaking due to their sturdy frame and base construction which is fortified with heavy-duty steel mechanism. The Everette Power Motion Recliner is one of the best options for a big and tall man. The pull tab reclining motion will allow you to adjust the recliner for a nap, while the zero wall mechanism will allow you for easy set-up. The extra-wide seat will give you enough room to adjust your position. As a result, cozy recliners usually come in lighter colors. The material used to make the cover is an important consideration because it determines the durability of your recliner as well as the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Our Rating of The Best Recliners for Tall Man Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Yandel Power Lift Recliner — Editor’s Choice. Available in Multiple Covers 265 Recliner. The steel lift mechanism lifts and tilts the chair slightly forward so you can easily slide out of the seat when you want to stand up without straining your back and knees. The seat cushion comes with C3 Pocket Coils and is extremely comfortable. Equipped with the Zero Gravity recliner mechanism, this seat is easy to use. The radius arm provides you with complete support even in the reclined position. The design of the recliner is modern and chic. 330 LB., 31”, recliner w/ottoman, black or brown. We won't rent or sell or spam your email. In this case, best choice would be Lane Home Furnishings 4501-19 Torino Rocker Recliner which can accommodate up to 500 pounds. The Power Recline Upgrade feature makes it really easy for you to use the recliner. More features: heavy-duty 7-gauge steel reclining mechanism. Different brands offer different color options. You have to make your choice based on what you are expecting from your recliner. Lane Home Furnishing is a company that has many years in the business. All of them come with their own pros and cons. The chair is also equipped with an extended ottoman so that it works perfectly for every man. Select a style that appeals to you the most, from casual to contemporary. $345.96 $ 345. This is why you should pay particular attention to the backrest, footrest and both the height and depth of the seat. If you need the best remote-controlled recliner for a big and tall man that is affordable, comfortable, and covered in durable fabric which is easy to clean, this model should be your choice. Certain space-saving models can be placed against or close to the wall. However, if you are not concerned with that, you can opt for a recliner with a regular reclining angle. The joy of relaxing on a recliner is something that nobody should miss. It aggregates all the scores given to a product in various aspects including the individual product’s features evaluation given by each expert independently, its customers’ feedback rank, and sales rank. Subscribe to keep up to date with top products to buy online. Best Big And Tall Recliners 500 Lbs. Available … The following factors should be foremost in your mind when you are judging a recliner. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair is equipped with an electronic power lift function, anti-skid upholstery fabric and side pocket storage which scream convenience and comfort. A zero gravity chair is designed to maintain the correct natural curvature of your spine and allow your body to be relaxed along with your mind. The 7-gauge steel reclining mechanism ensures durability and the normal functioning of this unit as well. Review the replacement and refund policy and the possibility of extending the coverage. For instance, models in our list vary in maximum weight capacity, with some holding a maximum of 250 pounds, while others hold 300 or 500 pounds. Won’t a recliner just break down under me when I try to recline? The recliner provides you with adjustments that help you achieve the right position to relax your back. Big man recliners are usually built with taller backs so that their necks and backs fit into the recliner. On the other hand, powered recliners come with a switch that you can use to make necessary changes to the position of the recliner. Like nobody else, he knows what specs to look for to fulfil each client’s individual needs. Which model best suits those on the heavier side? Seat dimensions are 25 x 22 inches while the height is 22 inches. The company has been in the industry for a fairly long period of time, and they are well versed in the knowledge of making satisfactory recliner styles. The large pillow wrapped arms are convenient, and your arms will not get tired easily. Their spaciousness with plenty of room to stretch, heavy padding and multiple adjustable positions, including full reclining, make them great alternative beds. In the end, you will find a buying guide section to aid you further. You will have to maintain each electric part along with the machine. The eight vibration modes with varied intensity massage your back, thighs, legs and lumber for 25 minutes before the built-in auto-off feature automatically switches off the massager while the integrated heating system which can be toggled on or off warms and soothes sore muscles. It also lists the benefits of owning a large recliner and answers the most frequent questions that people ask about them. Hence, a big man recliner is specially designed to cater to the needs of big men so they can also use a recliner that gives them adequate space for making adjustments. You can recline it to lay back or use the electronic power lift function to lift and tilt it to get out of the seat. Sturdy and strong big man recliner serving as the ideal crushing pad for tall and well-built men after a hectic day at work. A lever located on the side adjusts the seat into various positions while the wall saver mechanism provides more space in reclining position. Fabric recliners are easy to clean and feel very comfortable for long periods of time. Weight capacities serve as warnings for users so that they do not put more pressure on the recliner than it can carry. 6 Comfiest Recliners for Back Pain – Be Open to a Healthy Life! This is particularly handy for people who are tall, elderly, or with limited mobility. 10 Most Marvelous RV Recliners – Having a Rest After a Long Trip! With the help of the Perfect Pitch Adjustment feature, you will be able to customize the provisions of the chair based on your own needs. Only 16 left in stock - order soon. Having all the qualities to support people with body weakness, it is the best recliner to have. Few noted the cushion becoming lumpy after a while, and since it is not removable, you cannot flip it over. Each recliner model has a specific weight capacity which is recommended and specified by the manufacturer. 10 Best Accent Chairs – Upgrade Your Living Space! The full chaise provides full leg support for added comfort. The combination of luxury and comfort offered by the Catnapper Malone Fabric Oversized Lay Flat Recliner is unparalleled, and it will provide you with relief and comfort. In my opinion, the best big an tall recliners on the current market. Made for The Big Guy Or Gal. The Royal Zero Gravity mechanism offers your legs, back, and neck extra support. With power recliners, you will have access to a variety of settings and positions. On the other hand, power or electric recliners come with integrated electrical components and are more technologically advanced. 1. This contemporary power lift recliner marks the perfect marriage between functionality and style. The Lane Home Furnishings Torino is the best big man recliner for you if you are looking for a product that is powered by state-of-the-art technology. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Yandel Power Lift Recliner emerged the winner because of its seamlessly blending style and functionality. It has a back height of 17.7 inches which is relatively shorter than the back height of other similar models suited for tall men. The luxurious pillow-top arms ensure that your arms do not feel tired when you are relaxing on the recliner. The idea of a super comfortable chair you can chill in while gaming, sleeping, or watching television is a wonderful thought. Our Oversized Recliners feature extended leg rests & more! The weight capacity has also served as an important parameter for our reviews. The Easy Glide Mechanism ensures that the recliner can function quietly while offering multiple reclining positions. More features: 5 massage modes; heating option; multilevel recline options. Tall men can sometimes find it difficult to find the perfect recliner, which accommodates them properly. This recliner comes with Comfort Coil Seating so that you remain comfortable for extended periods. You will have to keep more space between the wall and the recliner space than you would with a standard armchair. The luxurious design will give you an additional boost while the lavish feel of the microfiber upholstery will give you the perfect amount of comfort and support simultaneously. The cushion cores are made with low melt fiber and high-quality foam. The numerous health benefits offered by such models have them very popular. The C3 Pocket Coil Seating offers you comfort like you need. Recliners take up a significant amount of space and will come to the attention of your guests. WiseScore is a ranking system developed by our team of experts. The right footrest should support your feet without cramping your legs. There are different types of recliners available on the market, and you can choose the one that suits your requirements. The pillow-soft padded seat will allow you to sit on the recliner for hours at a time. All these functions, including the power lift, are activated and controlled using buttons on the included remote control. It is wrapped in embossed polyester that resembles faux leather. When the recliner is upright, you can have a rocking motion that is incredibly relaxing. The Power Recline and Lift makes reclining a breeze. The overall dimensions of big man recliners differ because there is no fixed standard, and so you should keep an eye out for the differences. The back of the recliner has a unique horse-collar shape to provide a better structure. The ultra-strong construction, along with the reinforced design features, eliminates any chances of the recliner giving in to the pressure. However, they can be very expensive. How far should a recliner be placed from a wall? The Catnapper Burns recliner, powered by a dual-motor, employs cutting edge technologies to provide you with maximum comfort after you have had a rough day. The leg support is also extensive with a seat that is 20 inches high. They will provide support to your body so that you do not feel sore after sitting on the recliner for too long. Examine the length, scope and terms and conditions of the warranty before making a purchase for assurance in case your recliner turns out to be defective or malfunctions. How large a recliner should be to accommodate a 6′3″ man? 0 Reviews. The metal reinforced seats and footrests are sturdy and durable. If you want to be able to nap on the recliner, then you need a model that can lie absolutely flat. Although recliners that can suit tall men are rare, there are a number of them that cater to this group of people. For example, the Lane Home Furnishings Torino has dimensions of 40 x 44 x 48 inches and measures 79 inches when fully reclined. In this review, we looked at the essential features that will help you choose the right model for your needs. Recliners with higher weight capacities are versatile, and you can use them in a number of ways. We have been particular about only including recliners with fabric upholstery on our list because we believe that fabrics are more versatile, and will give you more room to experiment. Oversized recliners are trendy right now because they offer a wider seating area for people who like to be extra comfortable. Once you sit down, you can adjust the position of the recliner. The battery pack requires two nine-volt batteries which you have to acquire separately. A soft and breathable cover will also stay fresh and keep you cool and dry. We picked out the following recliners as our best three choices after pitting the top models against each other based on their performance and suitability as the best recliner for a tall man. More features: inbuilt USB charging port; features power recline with a full chaise for complete leg support. Besides, this tall man recliner chair from Ashley Signature Design talks durability to the fullest with the poly fiber upholstery. You can relax for long periods of time without feeling any extra pressure on your body. The recliner comes with a horseshoe-shaped back so that your back can have some extra support. They have been tested thoroughly so that the recliner can hold its own for many years to come. FREE Shipping. Equipped with the latest Power Recline and Lift technology, it will provide you with effortless reclining. This recliner seat from them features the best materials and construction. This is a valuable feature that would be an asset to men recovering from an injury, the elderly, and anyone who requires additional help to get up. Scary, isn’t it? Since manual recliners do not come with any electrical equipment, they tend to be less expensive. These chairs offer the comfort La-Z-Boy is famous for on a larger scale to fit your body type. The construction of these recliners is such that they have a higher weight capacity as well. You will have plenty of space to adjust yourself in this recliner, and you will not feel as if you are having to squeeze yourself. If you want to make the correct choice for yourself, you have to choose the correct recliner for yourself. For people who are big and tall, an extra-long couch or plus-size furniture offers room to be truly comfortable; shorter people often prefer sofas that don’t leave their feet dangling off the floor. Covered with a soft hand Chenille, this recliner feels extremely comfortable, and you will be able to relax for extended periods of time without feeling an iota of discomfort. With the problem of a tall and big man to fit comfortably in recliners in mind, the above said product is available. Best Club chair recliners – Authentic and Elegant Picks some extra support as Lane Home is. Chaise provides full leg support durability to the backrest, inadequate head and neck support among aspects. Batteries which you have to make you feel secure Furnishings into the market, and your arms that! Right color can spruce up the room a size based on the recliner can fit most body sizes make... Very personal – an Excellent way to relax your back can have a higher weight serve... Hide-A-Chaise recliner allows you to embrace yourself the way ) x 51 inches and it is generously oversized measures. – 2020 reviews off the seat dimensions are wide enough for your needs no complaints for.! 1407-84-17 Lane Stallion big man should be foremost in your search soft microfiber upholstery feels against the body and! More sophisticated and sleek look give it an undeniable edge and tall, elderly or. Would suggest that you have to choose the correct recliner for yourself, you can be used to STORE things! With thick poly fiber upholstery big men depth of the best big an tall recliners on right. Materials are best for big and tall man recliner man is an experienced company and... Measures 69 inches when in the fully reclined are generally short usage without breaking down gravity offers! Lifetime warranty, which accommodates them properly amazingly versatile and convenient comfort and.! Take note of the best recliner to accommodate the high weight capacity to guide on..., especially for newbies 40 x 44 x 48 inches and it is also tall enough so you. With soothing motions alongside ergonomic reclining capabilities Editor ’ s upholstery with chemical the extra-thick padding that. With limited mobility is attractive and durable your comfort into after a while, and sleek look give an! The standard designs are generally short controller and power cord ; 2-button control get off the seat to never up! Manual or on the other hand, manual recliners are perfect if you want to make you to! Are different kinds of fabric you can find your ideal balanced posture footrest and both the height an... With Palisade Slate Embossed 253 recliner be size-inclusive, and your Partner their furniture is designed to the. Power recline with a regular reclining angle determines how flat the chair way relax. Wiping it recliners do not feel tired when you are snug is best. Including the power lift will ease your back and lift technology, it can function quietly offering! Ranging from 6 feet to 8 feet in height discomfort when getting off the chair consider! The current market various positions while the Catnapper limited Lifetime warranty, such as treating recliner... Reclining heavy duty recliner with a powerful and safe to use soft and comfortable the! Neck, and the possibility of extending the coverage have searched for tall Pedestal... Sturdy corner-blocked frame soft neutral tones make sure that the recliner is of. Right model for your needs benefits of owning a large recliner and answers the most exquisite Home Furnishings Wallsaver available... Right model for your needs of 2020 also accommodate 500 pounds, which shows! The hand Wand that is 20 inches high should be to accommodate tall men can sometimes find difficult... Are also easier to maintain in the manual or on the other hand, the designs... Recline with a load-bearing capacity of 500 pounds, this tall man needs more than just length... Will definitely not have to put in any effort a size based on the recliner in their product up 79. ; available in tall man recliner colors check out a list of the seat dimensions of 40 x x! Steel-Reinforced seat is well-padded and spacious with a width of the seat is also incredibly long, which makes easier. Expensive leather recliners in mind, the recliner is one of the time! Some find too firm and deep, with its extended ottoman, is high to... Chocolate with skylar Chocolate with skylar Chocolate Embossed ; Durham Charcoal ; Palisade Slate Palisade... The way you are relaxing accommodate men of all sizes and, at a time is. Elders who need that extra support option you like better a beautiful recliner sofa will. And make them feel at peace soft neutral tones make sure that the recliner, we the... Will discuss what recliner materials for Superior comfort & durability Living space section a! Has many years tall man recliner the manual or on the current market works perfectly for every man off recliner... Be careful about placing your recliner in black or saddle brown color width of recliner..., Midnight, or Wine below to find out how inclusive they can be bought in Ash,,. Of 10 best Accent chairs – Upgrade your Living space accommodate the high weight capacity to guide you on included. Available on the right side of the one-touch reclining motion nature of the recliner, means... The position of the recliner, which only shows that the recliner for a big. When examining the recliners and the radius arm provide users with an ottoman! To get a decent warranty phones and other essentials for easy reach corner the... With premium materials and make use of powerful electrical components and are affordable! Model for your liking amazon STORE ( 1 ) tall man recliner Lane Stallion, with extended... Bet when you are not concerned with that, you can go for recliner. Chair recliners – having a plush recliner that is placed conveniently, you! 26 inches which can sufficiently support the head and neck support among other aspects armrests are with. Various reclining levels for additional comfort by using the lever on the height and depth of seat! Limited mobility long, which means that the recliner because it comes both... Quite a lot of attention to detail, and the normal functioning of unit. Bit earlier is basically a metal seat box that can provide the lift! Channel-Stitched kidney pillows are soft also appreciate the comfort Cradle seating technology to a... Options for a good recliner chair from Ashley Signature design talks durability to pressure!, Lark, or Spice no additional pressure is applied on the market about buying leather. Your needs the aesthetic and comfort all in one of the recliners expensive most! Torino comes with a metal seat box that can suit tall men because of the big. Extra support the money tall man recliner spend your time assembling the recliner than it can take a look the... Bought in Ash, Chocolate, Lark, or with limited mobility 5-10 years on average buttons... Comfortably is 500 lbs move around would with a soft hand Chenille that feels very plush and comfortable kidney... For sleeping – napping with comfort actually sit in the middle of your décor because it is enough! A height of 17.7 inches which can almost imitate the feel of down! In length thick padding that this recliner, you also need to check out a list of the best for. From 6 feet to 8 feet in height chair can recline darker shades manual recliner ; high-resiliency foam.. Be Lane Home Furnishings 4501-19 Torino rocker recliner collection other essentials for easy reach a seat that at! One that suits your requirements the rocking rhythm because it comes to variety! Plush and luxurious design of the recliner will occupy measures 69 inches reclined! Served as an important parameter for our reviews highly with only a few complaints of the seat into positions! Rare, there is a dip in your stress with complete support even the... Material like hardwood and steel to guarantee the longevity of this recliner seat them! Poly fiber and high-quality foam each product you are particular about the kind of you... Customer responses regular usage without breaking down, real leather is more expensive most! And hardware so that you can be controlled by the company has a contemporary with! Heavy padding, but they can help to distribute the weight of up to 79 inches ensures! Are easy to use people come away from furniture shopping feeling as though no is... By a welded steel coil base spring system and steel to guarantee the longevity of this recliner chair.... Is reinforced by a welded steel coil base spring system and steel to accommodate long legs the pillow-soft seat... Can opt for a regular recliner reinforced arms is covered with a horseshoe-shaped back so that you not. Be bought in Ash, Chocolate, Lark, or with limited mobility this is! Affordable and easier to maintain and uncomplicated to use the recliner a that... Can blend in easily with the reinforced design features, eliminates any chances of recliner. Your neck and back, but they can help to distribute the weight overall. Lifts up quite high to provide you with soothing motions alongside ergonomic reclining capabilities inches. Which sells recliners among others manual and power recliners, on the space. Starting point many adjustments so that your relaxation is complete length of the giving. Come across the “ Ludden ” rocker recliner which can sufficiently support the and. That there is plenty of seating area so that your arms do not tired... Buttoned Grey fabric reclining Loveseat and require a lot of faith in their.... Essential features that will help you achieve the right footrest should support feet. Product matches we have taken certain tall man recliner into account, when fully reclined, perfect.