Secure ladders placed in areas such as passageways, doorways or driveways, or where they can be displaced by workplace activities or traffic to prevent accidental movement. New Ramboard Stair Armor protects your stairs and treads from damage during construction and remodeling. Here at Axiom Surface Protection we have a solution for your temporary stair protection problem! Designed for use during high-traffic conditions, our 3mil thick floor protection film offers temporary protection of up to 45 days with clean removal. Fully compatible with our tammet barrier, this product ensures safety is never compromised in a hazardous stairway environment. Stairs are vulnerable on construction projects for a few reasons. Parapet ladders must have an access level at the roof if the parapet is cut to permit passage through it. External Protection. tag[n].style.fontSize=size+inc+'px'; Just one roll of Ram Board equates to 10 sheets of Masonite. Due to the nature of stairs, the edges are vulnerable from boots and shoes hitting, scraping, or kicking the nosing and all other areas of a step. • Heavy-duty temporary stair protection • Reinforced bull nose guard • Adjustable tread • Spill Guard® technology • Non-staining • Recycled/Recyclable • Save on labor & damage repair Pack of 6 stair treads each. Side rails of through or side-step fixed ladders must extend 42 inches (1.1 m) above the top level or landing platform served by the ladder. } Maintain ladders free of oil, grease and other slipping hazards. Do not use the top or top step of a stepladder as a step. Do not move, shift or extend ladders while in use. Protec International Ltd is the leading supplier of LPCB approved flame retardant temporary protection materials and products for surface, floor, carpet, wall and door protection during construction. If you need assistance in choosing the correct temporary surface protection solution for your project, please reach out to the friendly #TeamAxiom! Neoprene floor runners are grippy on all surfaces due to the rubber bottom side, and waterproof. NEED TEMPORARY SURFACE PROTECTION ADVICE ON YOUR PROJECT? //]]> Stairways must be installed at least 30 degrees- and no more than 50 degrees- from the horizontal. Give us a call today at 845-765-8600 to learn more. Ram Board Stair Armor ™ Info. If that’s the case, then consider getting your custom staircase from Acadia Stairs. Heavy foot traffic on stairs during construction or DIY work can cause damage to the surface, so it’s best to be prepared and have tread protectors as well as protectors for the handrail and joinery. Get yours today and save your stairs from any damage during your project. Each step or rung of a fixed ladder must be able to support a load of at least 250 pounds (114 kg) applied in the middle of the step or rung. Horizontal bands must be spaced at intervals not more than 4 feet (1.2 m) apart measured from centerline to centerline. Use stair protection to protect stair treads and stair lips from damage during construction and remodeling Temporary stair and stair tread protection Protective Coverings JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Do not use slipresistant feet as a substitute for exercising care when placing, lashing or holding a ladder upon slippery surfaces. Horizontal bands must be fastened to the side rails of rail ladders or directly to the structure, building or equipment for individual-rung ladders. Doors and gates opening directly onto a stairway must have a platform that extends at least 20 inches (51 cm) beyond the swing of the door or gate. Posted By: Retrofit Magazine Editor November 6, 2019. Bottoms of wells above the point of access to the bottom of the ladder must be between 7 feet (2.1 m) and 8 feet (2.4 m). If free passage becomes restricted, employers must provide a second point of access and ensure that workers use it. ... VIEW. Certified Flame Retardant Protection. Low-cost option to wrap utilities and protect precious surfaces. Vertical bars must be spaced at intervals not more than 9.5 inches (24 cm), measured centerline to centerline. With a tacky anti-slip underside, this product will stay in place on your stairs without slipping underfoot. All treads and landings must be replaced when worn below the top edge of the pan. //